Elder Mediation

This article by Abby Ellin was published in the NY Times in May, 2015 and really called out to me.  It describes the new profession of Elder Mediation, giving some good examples, including the story of three sisters who were starting to clash over what to do with their mother and disabled brother.  The article is useful in providing stories that I am sure many people with older adults can deal with, including some resources.

The book, Mom Always Liked You Best:  A Guide for Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles & Eldercare Crises  provides a good overview of what pitfalls await aging families, with useful methods for working through them.  If nothing else, reading this book makes one feel not alone.

Older Adults and Mental Health

This New York Times Well Blog , by Abby Ellin discusses how therapy, especially cognitive approaches, can help older adults.  This demographic is less familiar or comfortable with therapy, but with life transitions, losses and health issues facing this demographic, talk therapy can be very effective.

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