About Elizabeth Malloy

After 26 years of working in business and finance, as well as two masters degrees, I decided to go back to school to get my Masters in Social Work at University of Southern California and graduated in May, 2017.  I am driven to this education by my strong desire to work with people who are “my age” (ish) dealing with older parents…and there are so many issues:  role reversal, recombining with siblings and all of the buttons that presses, voicing the grudges and anger from childhood as well as from recent events (driven often by new entrants to the family: sibling spouses, new stepparents).  I am most interested in mental health, and in particular existential psychology, which looks more positively at how one authors the remainder of one’s life, and taking responsibility for choices made.  I am also interested in elder mediation.

I hope that my random assortment of life experiences including working and living in Russia pre-Soviet-Union breakup and more recently, working in real estate development and finance; barely living through an investment bank job; working for an Australian mining firm and living the internet bubble life in the late 1990s in San Francisco will all help me with perspective, common points of references with future clients, and a sense of humor and wonder as to “how did I get here?”

Education:  Harvard, BA, 1989 (Soviet Studies);  Johns Hopkins SAIS, MA 1994 (Energy and Environment);  Colorado School of Mines, MS, 1996 (Mineral Economics).  University of Southern California, MSW, 2017.

Born in Washington, D.C., lived primarily in San Francisco, Moscow, London, DC again and now settled into Los Angeles with love of my life husband and his two awesome teenage girls.

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